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Arkadaş Kitabevi > Film, Müzik & Oyun > Oyun > Wii Oyunları > Cabela's Adventure Camp
Cabela's Adventure Camp

Cabela's Adventure Camp

Cabela's Adventure Camp
Wİİ Oyun
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Arkadaş Fiyatı: 44,5 TL
Etiket Fiyatı: 50,00 TL
Kazancınız: 5,50 TL
Kazanacağınız Puan: 89
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Ürün Açıklaması
Cabela’s Adventure Camp is a thrilling motion-based game that delivers engaging, easy to learn gameplay with summer camp activities for everyone! You’ll feel the warmth of the summer sun and excitement in the air as you compete in many exciting camp related mini-games from biking to water sports. Cabela’s Adventure Camp is a captivating, wild ride that’s perfect for the whole family, young and old!

The game includes fast paced, exciting outdoor activities that send you straight to summer camp, even in the middle of winter! Players will lose themselves and forget they aren’t outdoors as they compete in summer time activities such: Thrill Hill Biking, Wild River Kayaking, Full Throttle Wave Riding and more. Interactive Griefing allows idle players to grief others by knocking down trees and rocks creating in game obstacles that will add hilarious shenanigans to the mix. The brisk gameplay and fantastic variety keep everyone animated, excited and having fun

Ürün Detayı
ISBN: 5030917100932
Cins: Wİİ
Ürün İçerik: Oyun
Üretici Firma: Aral

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