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Arkadaş Kitabevi > Kitap > Microsoft Press > Ms Net Framework 2,0 Applic ation Development Found
Ms Net Framework 2,0 Applic ation Development Found

Ms Net Framework 2,0 Applic ation Development Found

Microsoft Press
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Key Book Benefits:
- Comprehensive study guide written by exam-certified authors
- Deeper, more focused coverage of exam objectives and subobjectives--plus instructive case studies and troubleshooting scenarios to enhance your performance on the job
- 300 practice questions on CD, wita test engine that enables customized testing, pre-assessment and post-assessment, and automated scoring and feedback
- Complete objective-by-objective review section, plus a tear-out exam-mapping grid
- Exam tips based on real-world test experience
- 90-day evaluation version of Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition
- 15 percent exam discount voucher from a leading authorized testing center (limited time offer)
- Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking, Second Edition, eBook
- Practice files on CD
- Entire study guide in searchable eBook format
The -NET Framework is a development and execution environment that allows different programming languages and libraries to work together seamlessly to create Microsoft Windows-based applications that are easier to build, manage, deploy, and integrate with other networked systems.
The -NET Framework consists of:
- The Common Language Runtime (CLR)
A language-neutral development and execution environment that provides services to help "manage" application execution
- The FrameworClass Library (FCL)
A consistent, object-oriented library of prepackaged functionality
The -NET Framework provides the basic infrastructure that Windows-based applications need to make Microsoft's -NET vision of connecting information, people, systems, and devices a reality:
- Support for standard networking protocols andspecifications
The -NET Framework uses standard Internet protocols and specifications such as TCP/IP, SOAP, XML, and HTTP to allow a broad range of information, people, systems, and devices to be connected
- Support for different platforms
The -NET Framework is available for a variety of Windows platforms, allowing people, systems, and devices to be connected using different computing platforms. People using desktop platforms such as Windows XP or device platforms such as Windows CE can connect to server systems by using Windows Server 2003
The CLR is responsible for run-time services such as language integration, security enforcement, and memory, process, and thread management. In addition, the CLR has a role at development time when features such as life-cycle management, strong type naming, cross-language exception handling, and dynamic binding reduce the amount of code that a developer must write to turn business logic into a reusable component
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ISBN: 9780735622777
Yazar Adı: Tony Northrup@Shawn Wildermuth@Bill Ryan
Yayıncı: Microsoft Press
Dil: İngilizce

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