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Programming For Unified Communications

Programming For Unified Communications

Microsoft Press
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Ürün Açıklaması
Direct from the Microsoft Office Communications Server product team, get the hands-on guidance you need to streamline your organization’s real-time, remote communication and collaboration solutions across the enterprise and across time zones.

Exploit the Unified Communications (UC) platform’s rich and open API set—and create your own real-time communication solutions faster. Led by a team of UC programming experts, you’ll get the code walkthroughs and pragmatic advice you need to seamlessly integrate enterprise IM, presence, VoIP, and conferencing into your applications now. Connect users exactly how and when they want—and increase business agility

•Examine the architecture, design model, and scenarios for each API—matching the right functionality to your needs
•Automate Office Communicator features—sign-in, contacts, presence, conversations
•Use contextual collaboration to send and receive application-specific messages between clients
•Develop Windows Workflow applications that support both voice and IM
•Create and provision custom presence applications
•Build server-side applications that maximize throughput and enable multiparty conferencing
•Prepare your application for deployment
•Apply best practices for debugging and troubleshooting
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ISBN: 9780735626232
Yazar Adı: Kolektif
Yayıncı: Microsoft Press
Dil: İngilizce

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