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Remember Me

Remember Me

Sophie Kinsella
Black Swan
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Ürün Açıklaması
Lexi wakes up in a hospital bed after a car accident, thinking it's 2004 and she's a twenty-five-year old with crooked teeth and a disastrous love life.But, to her disbelief, she learns it's actually 2007 - she's twenty-eight, her teeth are straight, she's the boss of her department - and she's married! To a good-looking millionaire! How on earth did she land the dream life??!

She can't believe her luck - especially when she sees her stunning new home. She's sure she'll have a fantastic marriage once she gets to know her husband again. He's drawn up a 'manual of our marriage', which should help.

But as she learns more about her new self, chinks start to appear in the perfect life. All her old colleagues hate her. A rival is after her job. Then a dishevelled, sexy guy turns up... and lands a new bombshell.

What the **** happened to her? Will she ever remember? And what will happen if she does?

<i>Everybody loves Sophie Kinsella:</i>
"I almost cried with laughter" <b><i>Daily Mail</i></b><b>
</b>"Hilarious . . . you'll laugh and gasp on every page" <b>Jenny Colgan</b>
"Properly mood-altering . . . funny, fast and farcical. I loved it" <b>Jojo Moyes</b><b>
</b>"A superb tale. Five stars!" <b><i>Heat</i></b>
Ürün Detayı
ISBN: 9780552772761
Yayıncı: Black Swan
Yazar: Sophie Kinsella
Dil: İngilizce
Sayfa Sayısı: 448

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