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Arkadaş Kitabevi > Foreign Titles > Prestel Publishing > Books in English > Fine Arts > The Art of the Salon : The Triumph of 19th-Century Painting
The Art of the Salon : The Triumph of 19th-Century Painting

The Art of the Salon : The Triumph of 19th-Century Painting

Norbert Wolf
Prestel Publishing
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Ürün Açıklaması
This deluxe reconsideration of mid-nineteenth century painting casts a newly appreciative eye on Salon Painting whose 'masterpieces' have been largely dismissed from the canon of Modern art, in favour of those that were famously rejected by the artistic establishment of the time. The Paris Salons of the mid-nineteenth century are famous today above all for the paintings that were rejected more than for those that were actually shown. The rejected works form today s canon of art history and are regarded as heralds of a modern age. This book looks to reassess the other side of the art history of the nineteenth century. Salon Painting has often been dismissed as overly academic or staid. Now art historian Norbert Wolf turns back the pages of history as he reintroduces readers to the artistry and excellence of the Salon Painting in Europe, Britain, Russia and the US. In an opulent new book, illustrated throughout with gorgeous reproductions, Wolf looks at Salon painting from a variety of perspectives, such as the rise of the bourgeoisie and Paris's position as Europe's cultural capitol. Wolf examines masterpieces by Cabanel, Manet, Bierstadt, The Pre-Raphaelites, and Sargent, demonstrating how classical subjects gave way to modern concerns. And he explores styles and themes that were especially prevalent in Salon Painting: the history painting; portraits from home and in society; the rise of 'Orientalism'; and the nationalism of landscape. Readers will come away from this well-researched and absorbing book with a steadfast appreciation of the Salon's disciplined and academic approach to painting, and an understanding of why these works were once so revered by the general public.

Ürün Detayı
ISBN: 9783791346267
Yazar Adı: Norbert Wolf
Yayıncı: Prestel Publishing
Basım Yeri: GB, 2012
Dil: İngilizce
Cilt: Hardcover
Sayfa Sayısı: 288
En (cm): 36
Boy (cm): 30

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