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Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights

Emily Bronte
Bantam Classics USA
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Ürün Açıklaması
<b>Nominated as one of America&rsquo;s best-loved novels by PBS&rsquo;s&#160;</b><i><b><i>The Great American Read</i></b><br><br>Wuthering Heights,</i>&#160;first published in 1847, the year before the author's death at the age of thirty, endures today as perhaps the most powerful and intensely original novel in the English language. &ldquo;Only Emily Bront&euml;,&rdquo; V.S. Pritchett said about the author and her contemporaries, &ldquo;exposes her imagination to the dark spirit.&rdquo; And Virginia Woolf wrote, &ldquo;It is as if she could tear up all that we know human beings by, and fill these unrecognisable transparencies with such a gust of life that they transcend reality. Hers, then, is the rarest of all powers. She could free life from its dependence on facts, with few touches indicate the spirit of a face so that it needs no body; by speaking of the moor make the wind blow and the thunder roar.&rdquo;
Ürün Detayı
ISBN: 9780553212587
Yayıncı: Bantam Classics USA
Yazar: Emily Bronte
Dil: English
Sayfa Sayısı: 336
Ağırlık (gram): 164
Cilt: Paperback
En (cm): 11
Boy (cm): 17

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