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You Can't Lie To Me (Int. Ed.)

You Can't Lie To Me (Int. Ed.)

Janine Driver
Harper Collins USA
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Ürün Açıklaması
What if you could increase your salary by 15 percent, kick problems and worries to the curb, and get a better night's rest simply by learning how to detect a lie the moment it starts (or even before)? What if you had an easy-to-use test that tipped you off the instant someone held something back from you? An innate lie detector so powerful it becomes an unconscious skill, applicable with any person, in any situation, to help you act fast before what began as an innocent white lie suddenly takes hold of you, your paycheck, or your happiness? No machine built to date has proven more effective than a well-trained human lie detector, says world-renowned body language expert Janine Driver, a former federal law enforcement investigator who has trained agents at the ATF, CIA, and FBI. Today, Driver teaches people like you to supercharge your internal BS Barometer quickly and accurately so you can protect yourself from liars and manipulators. "You Can't Lie to Me" will change the way you look at job applicants, coworkers, dates, salespeople, money managers - anyone from whom you want and deserve the truth - while simultaneously strengthening and deepening your relationships with your siblings, children, friends, and lovers. Driver distills nearly two decades of behind-the-scenes knowledge, cutting-edge science, and relatable case studies into a simple, powerful five-step program. Whether it's with your teenager, spouse, mechanic, or fellow board member, and whether you are communicating face-to-face or through phone calls, e-mails, texts, Facebook posts, or handwritten notes, you will have all the tools and confidence you need to spot deception. More important, you will recognize the truth as you build the caring, authentic connections that make life worth living. In "You Can't Lie to Me" learn how to perfect your inner lie detector ("BS Barometer") and ban liars from your life, so you can feel more confident and create stronger, more trusting relationships. Lie detection expert Janine Driver delivers a step-by-step, foolproof program to: outsmart disloyal coworkers-and beat them to the plum promotions; protect your children from predators and guard aging loved ones - and their nest eggs - from unscrupulous con artists; hire honest employees whose rEsumEs and experience you can trust; say yes to honest partners and avoid lying cheaters; get your boss' attention with these little tips; and save thousands of dollars each year using rich people's numbered 1 trick.
Ürün Detayı
ISBN: 9780062243386
Yazar Adı: Janine Driver
Yayıncı: Harper Collins USA
Dil: İngilizce

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